The Word of God: Nahum 1:15-2:12 – October 29, 2020

1:15Look! On the mountains the feet of one
who brings good tidings,
who proclaims peace!
Celebrate your festivals, O Judah,
fulfill your vows,
for never again shall the wicked invade you;
they are utterly cut off.

2:1A shatterer has come up against you.
Guard the ramparts;
watch the road;
gird your loins;
collect all your strength.

2(For the Lord is restoring the majesty of Jacob,
as well as the majesty of Israel,
though ravagers have ravaged them
and ruined their branches.)

3The shields of his warriors are red;
his soldiers are clothed in crimson.
The metal on the chariots flashes
on the day when he musters them;
the chargers prance.
4The chariots race madly through the streets,
they rush to and fro through the squares;
their appearance is like torches,
they dart like lightning.
5He calls his officers;
they stumble as they come forward;
they hasten to the wall,
and the mantelet is set up.
6The river gates are opened,
the palace trembles.
7It is decreed that the city be exiled,
its slave women led away,
moaning like doves
and beating their breasts.
8Nineveh is like a pool
whose waters run away.
“Halt! Halt!” —
but no one turns back.
9″Plunder the silver,
plunder the gold!
There is no end of treasure!
An abundance of every precious thing!”

10Devastation, desolation, and destruction!
Hearts faint and knees tremble, all loins quake,
all faces grow pale!
11What became of the lions’ den,
the cave of the young lions,
where the lion goes,
and the lion’s cubs, with no one to disturb them?
12The lion has torn enough for his whelps
and strangled prey for his lionesses;
he has filled his caves with prey
and his dens with torn flesh.

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